Thursday, November 13, 2014


We have been dealing with several queries from students who are attempting to resolve their immigration matters through correspondence with the Student Review Group, but are experiencing significant delays in receiving a response. 

Students are generally unable to renew their permission with GNIB and are referred to Student Review Group at the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) when they have a significant gap in their immigration permission or if there is an issue with their attendance. A specific Student Taskforce has been set up with a dedicated information webpage for the large number of students affected by the recent college closures. Details can be found here:

Our own experience is that students are facing excessive delays in having applications to the Student Review Group (SRG) processed. In one such case we are dealing with, the student was required by GNIB to apply to Student Review Group after his college incorrectly reported his attendance to the GNIB. He has now been waiting one year and nine months for a decision and has faced serious difficulties supporting himself financially during this period as he has been undocumented and without permission to work. We are now in correspondence with the SRG on his behalf trying to resolve the matter and have threatened to issue High Court proceedings if we do not receive a decision on his case in the next seven days. 

In such cases, it is important that students do not simply cease studying when their permission expires and while their applications are being processed by Student Review Group. The basis on which Stamp 2 is issued is after all study, and if the student is no longer fulfilling the conditions of their stay, it may be open to Student Review Group to refuse a renewal application, even if there is a long delay in them issuing that decision. Students will generally be required to show their continued good attendance at college together with evidence of in date private medical insurance. 

Rebecca Keatinge


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