Friday, November 15, 2013


We have recently received a notification from the Irish Embassy in New Delhi that the issue of dependent-type visas is currently ‘being developed.’ 

As a result of this new development, such applications where dependent family members seek to join family members in the State, are being temporarily suspended for a number of weeks pending publication of an appropriate policy. 

Such applicants will possibly have a long delay on their visa applications for family members. We have experienced a range of queries from both non-Irish and naturalised Irish persons living in the State in respect of their family members residing abroad who wish to join them. Such family members are either financially, emotionally or socially dependent on their family member(s) in Ireland. Over the years, we have never seen a policy in place to deal with such applications. It apparently depends on the Embassy handling the dependent –type application. For example an application for a dependant father to join his daughter and her Irish husband in the State through the Beijing based Irish Embassy was said not to exist – the Embassy advised that it would be refused as such application could not be processed. Some clarity on the issue would be a welcome step! 

Sarah Henry


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  3. These Applications apparently handle by the Embassy dependent

    Andrew Felix