Thursday, November 28, 2013


As noted recently in our blog, the guidelines for the new subsidiary protection application have now been published on INIS website. 

Our clients have now received standard forms from ORAC, who are now responsible for these applications, requesting that they confirm their intention to either remain within the procedure or opt out. As previously noted in our blog, many clients feel that the new procedure will create further delays as it involves another interviewing procedure similar to that carried out at the stage of their asylum application. It is possible to refuse to attend further interviews; however it is also possible for ORAC to insist on attendance in order for the application to be processed.

We must emphasise that although on first look remaining within the subsidiary protection process is potentially unappealing due to possible delay, the new policy has been implemented in an attempt to improve the procedure. Until now, the number of subsidiary applications granted in Ireland has been comparatively low in relation to our European counterparts. We hope that the new procedure may see improvements in this regard. Applicants cannot assume that upon withdrawing their subsidiary protection application that a leave to remain application which has been pending for some time will be considered favourably. 

Therefore, we advise that if you wish to withdraw your application, please consider the implications of doing so extremely carefully. 

If you wish to review further information regarding the procedure, please see our recent blog posts. 

Naomi Pollock


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