Thursday, July 11, 2013


Asylum decisions in the EU27 Member States granted over 100,000 asylum seekers protection in 2012.

The EU 27 Member States granted protection to 102, 700 asylum seekers in 2013, compared with 84,300 in 2011. The largest groups of beneficiaries of protection status were citizens from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia.

Ireland had a total of 1625 decisions; of these 935 were first instance and 690 were final decisions on appeal. The largest groups granted protection status were from Syria (the Irish Government recently announced an extra €1.6 million of government funding for Syrian refugees which will be divided between Concern, Goal and Oxfam for the provision of humanitarian assistance), Somalia and Pakistan.

The total of positive decisions amounted to only 140; 115 of which were refugee status and only 30 constituted Subsidiary Protection. There were no successful decisions in relation to Humanitarian Leave. 

The EU average approval rate equates to 25.2%. Ireland unfortunately has the significantly lower rate of 8.6%.

These statistics, especially in comparison to some of our European neighbours, highlights the need for an overhaul of the refugee system in Ireland. The significantly below average approval again underlines the serious problems in the decision making process. 

Furthermore, the low success rate for subsidiary protection further emphasises the need to amend our subsidiary protection procedure so it is in line with that of the other EU Member States.

To see the statistics concerning all Member states follow the below link:

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