Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bernardo’s chief: in the best interests of the children

An article from Tuesday, 11th September in the UK Guardian described the efforts of Anne Marie Carrie, the chief of Barnardo’s. It is an accommodation centre for families who have been refused asylum and are waiting to be deported back to their home countries. She says that her organization comes under fire often, from anti child detention organizations, but she claims that keeping the children with their families, even if it is in a detention centre, is far better than the alternative, which is to split up the families as they wait and send the children to foster homes to await deportation.

She also acts as a crucial voice for these families, as their rights are commonly ignored. She is unafraid to call the necessary authorities to ensure that the rights of the families are looked after, even though the State has denied them official protection. “If not us, then who?” she commonly asks.

Barnardo’s is a service at Cedars, the “pre-departure accommodation centre” that provides accommodation for failed asylum seekers. At the onset, Barnardo’s established a set of “red lines” that could not be crossed regarding the rights of refugees. Once crossed, Carrie took action. She raises concerns every time she believes the rights of refugees have been breached, and her voice is a valuable one to these vulnerable families.

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