Thursday, December 22, 2011

Judgment expected this afternoon in Pakistani woman's claim to remain in Ireland

Today we await the judgment of Mr Justice Gerard Hogan on a case concerning a Pakistani woman, Rizwana Aslam. The woman in this case is eight months pregnant and was unable to attend court yesterday due to severe abdominal pains. In court her counsel argued that she should be allowed leave to remain in the state with her husband who has refugee status in the State.

Counsel for the Minister argues inconsistencies in their stories concerning their marriage, which Mr Fakkhr Ud Din, Ms Aslam’s husband, claims was conducted by proxy. He also announced their intention to marry in a civil ceremony next month.

It is claimed on behalf of Ms Aslam that she would suffer religious persecution should she be returned to Pakistan. This is a claim counsel for the Minister calls irrelevant in his argument that she should be returned to the UK where she first sought asylum.

Judgment is expected at 2pm. 

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