Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy New Year from the Immigration Department!

This is our last day in the office until the New Year and we would like to thank all of our clients for their services, kind comments and interest in our blog!

The Immigration Law Department of Brophy Solicitors has had a busy and eventful 2011! We are pleased at how many of our difficult and complex immigration cases were resolved this year. Of course the ground breaking ECJ decision of the year, Ruiz Zambrano led to a major overhaul of policies concerning the rights of Irish citizen children and their family members. We anticipate further developments both on a domestic level and in the EU arising from this judgement. We continue to work closely with our clients to whom this decision applies and hope that 2012 will see the resolution of outstanding cases.

We saw a huge growth in work involving EEA family visas and Irish Spouse visa appeals and applications as well as more complex dependant family member visa applications and appeals.  Citizenship and Family Reunification applications continue to pose huge delays and backlogs for clients and we hope that 2012 will bring policies that will make way for a more coherent and efficient system.  We have a number of cases that we have recently issued proceedings on and await the outcome in 2012 –as always we shall endeavour to keep our clients and readers informed of developments in our casework!

We have really enjoyed working on our blog this year and welcome all of our readers’ comments and suggestions! We are very pleased with how the Irish Immigration Blog has developed and we will continue to update the blog and publish interesting articles in 2012! So thank you to all of our followers!  Next year, we look forward to the launch of the new and expanded Brophy Solicitors Website which will feature news articles, office developments, galleries, guest writer articles, events and lots of information for all of our clients so watch this space!

None of our work on the blog, website, twitter and Facebook would be possible without our legal executive for Immigration, Ruth Jones, our Immigration secretary, Johnathan McDonagh, and  our immigration interns Clara Enright, and Barrie Scott.  We really appreciate all of your hard work and research over the last few months and look forward to working with you in the New Year!

Again, we wish you and your families a happy holiday and a wonderful New Year!

Sarah, Karen, Irene and Rebecca. 


  1. On the issue of Irish Spouse visa appeals, worth remembering the lies of John O'Donoghue, when he took away post nuptial citizenship. The alarm
    was raised, and O'Donoghue said the following

    The termination of the post-nuptial citizenship scheme will not adversely affect the situation of non-national spouses in terms, for example, of their joining their Irish spouses in this State. There are well established immigration procedures which secure the admission of non-national spouses of Irish nationals

    The present immigration arrangements recognise the special position of non-national spouses of Irish citizens. Such spouses, regardless of their nationality, There are no immigration limitations operating to inhibit non-national spouses seeking to come to the State.

    In the immigration and residence Bill which is being drafted in the Department at present to replace the entirely outdated and inadvisedly named Aliens Act and its associated orders with a modern and sensible code of immigration law, the immigration status of non-national spouses of Irish citizens will be reaffirmed.

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