Monday, November 21, 2011


The Department of Justice and Equality recently introduced an application fee of €175 for all Naturalisation applications made after the 10th November 2011. This fee is non-refundable and will apply even if you have lodged an ineligible application, for example where you do not have the required reckonable residency. Therefore it is important that all applicants ensure that they are entitled to apply for Naturalisation before they submit the application!

Brophy Solicitors

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  1. Form N-400 is the application for obtaining US Citizenship (naturalization). The Form N-400 is used by Lawful Permanent Residents (green card holders) over the age of 18 who meet the eligibility requirements to apply for Citizenship. A completed Form N400 (Citizenship Application) has to be filed along with photos and supporting documents. A green card holder who is above 18 years of age and meets other eligibility requirements can file N400 form. Becoming a U.S. citizen has many advantages including the right to vote and the ability to sponsor relatives to come to the United States.