Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gardai report ever-increasing cases of human trafficking

A seminar held in Dublin yesterday by the European Union’s anti-trafficking co-ordinator Myria Vassiliadou uncovered that since 2008 approximately 215 cases of the illegal act had come to the attention of the Gardai.

Furthermore, it was noted that human trafficking is one of “the most profitable crimes with the least number of prosecutions,” and unfortunately it seems that this figure is only the tip of the iceberg according to the Immigration Council of Ireland. 

In the event of bringing a case, possible sufferers “are regarded as a victim until proven otherwise…and they are immediately given access to services like legal aid, health services and accommodation where accommodation is required”. However the problem is that very few victims in Ireland have actually been accounted for and therefore do not benefit from the services provided to the victims of this crime. 

The clear message of the seminar was that more victims of human trafficking in Ireland need to speak out in order to avoid finding themselves stuck in the asylum process without the appropriate care needed.

In a bid to improve this area of immigration, Ireland has opted into a new EU directive due to come into effect in April 2015, which provides for better early identification and assistance to victims of trafficking as well as a demand for an increase in services available to those already identified. 

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