Wednesday, July 20, 2011



We are happy to update you that the Minister is now granting permission to reside to the “Zambrano” cases which are currently before the High Court. These are the cases which involve challenges to the deportation orders issued against parents of Irish citizen children. Following the European Court of Justice decision in the case of Zambrano v. Office national de l’emploi, Case C-34/09, 8th March, 2011, all these cases were transferred into a separate list in the High Court, which has been called  “The Zambrano List”. When these cases were last listed in court, the Minister undertook to contact each of the Applicants prior to the 25th July 2011 to confirm the Minister’s position on their respective cases.  Recently, we have received a number of correspondences indicating that the Minister is now revoking the deportation orders against these applicants, on “exceptional grounds”, and granting a three year period permission to reside. This permission to reside is subject to the condition that the applicant obey the laws of the State, do not become involved in criminal activity, make every effort to gain employment, not become a financial burden on the State and play an active role in the Irish child’s life. We very much welcome these positive decisions.

Karen Berkeley, Brophy Solicitors

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