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We are currently advising several clients on applications for permission to reside in the State as retired persons of independent means. This specific situation is relevant to a non-EEA person, who does not seek recourse to employment, self-employment or public funds, but merely wishes to reside in the state, supporting themselves through independent means, for example income generated through rented properties, investments etc.

We recently contacted the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) to establish if a specific application procedure applies here and what criteria must be satisfied. We referred to the INIS website that sets out the various forms of stamps and includes a retired person of independent means as covered by Stamp 3 permission.

We received a response from INIS this week that states that the appropriate stamp is in fact a Stamp 0 and that their website will shortly be updated to reflect the position. INIS stated that they do not have a distinct category of retirees for immigration purposes. INIS indicated that permission would only be granted on the express understanding that the applicant is not entitled to any State benefit and on the basis of full documentary evidence to confirm they will not become a financial burden on the State. The primary requirements were stated to be: financial self-sufficiency, comprehensive medical insurance, and good character. They clarified that there is no application form. They also clarified that it is open to non visa nationals to make an application from outside the State.

It is clear therefore that in order to attain stamp 0 in this capacity, an applicant must provide extensive documentary evidence, primarily substantiating their financial self-sufficiency, including details of all income and expenditure. It is necessary to have comprehensive medical insure, that INIS stated must be equivalent to Plan D VHI, HealthPlus Premium ( The applicant must also be of good character and be able to provide police references from every country they have resided in during the twelve months prior to application.

If the application is successful residence will be granted for a maximum of twelve months, after which a renewal application must be submitted.

INIS stated in their response that this is to be regarded as a temporary status only. It is important to note however that Stamp 0 is not amongst the express exclusions for eligibility for citizenship by naturalisation and therefore any period spent on Stamp 0 should constitute reckonable residency. See our previous post that specifically addresses this point.

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