Friday, May 30, 2014


We have been dealing with a number of queries in relation to the Immigrant Investor Programme. The programme is open to non-EEA nationals and their families who commit to a specific investment in Ireland. Successful applicants will be granted rights of residence in Ireland with an initial period of two years and then a further three years after which they may be eligible to apply for citizenship.

Two specific queries have come up several times when we have been approached by potential applicant investors.

The first question relates to whether or not an investor is required to be resident in Ireland should their application be successful. It is clear from the Departmental guidelines that there is no minimal residence requirement other than a stipulation that the person concerned must visit Ireland at least once every 12 months.

A second query that we have been dealing with is in relation to the different types of investments open to potential applicant investors. The previous guidelines indicated that applicants could apply to an “approved investment fund”. The only guidance provided by the Department on this type of investment was that the fund invested into would have to be regulated for the purposes of doing business in Ireland and the investment strategy of the fund must be compatible with the aim to the scheme.

We have written to the Department on several occasions looking for a further clarification on what types of funds would be acceptable as approved funds. We note that the guidelines on the INIS website have now been updated to deal with this issue. It is stated that the approved investment fund is not available at this point and further details will follow. We refer you to the updated guidelines that are available here.

While the approved investment fund is no longer available, it should be borne in mind that there are a number of other options available to possible applicants including an investment into Irish Enterprise, an investment into an Irish Real Estate Trust and a mixed investment into residential and commercial property. There is also scope to make a one off philanthropic endowment and also provision to invest in the Immigrant Investor Bond.  

It is clear from recent changes to the Entrepreneurship Programme and the Immigrant Investor Programme that these schemes are being honed by the Department and that the guidelines are being frequently updated and amended. Anyone considering making an application should be sure to check the up to date position to check their eligibility and the current requirements.

Rebecca Keatinge

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