Wednesday, April 23, 2014


A new notice on the INIS website indicates as follows:

“Following on from serious allegations regarding the practices of some Colleges which offer English language education to non-EEA national students, INIS and the GNIB have suspended the issuing of visas and residence permissions to non-EEA nationals seeking to enroll as new students with the following institutions.
  • Eden College
  • National Media College (formerly New Media College)
  • Millennium College
  • Business & Computer Training Institute
This suspension is pending further inquiries into the allegations of irregularities and further action may follow.”

Since 1 January 2011 a ‘New Immigration Regime for Full Time Non-EEA students was introduced by the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service to set out new rules regarding studying in Ireland for non-EEA students. The guidelines require that Non EEA students studying language courses can stay in Ireland up to three years if they are studying a minimum of 15 hours a week, and have access to 3,000 in addition to course fees and health insurance. They are also required to evidence 80% attendance in order to obtain a renewal of their residence permission. Guidelines for the colleges were also provided at that time.

The notice on the INIS website follow reports in some of the Irish newspapers that some colleges were fabricating students attendances in order to facilitate the issuing of their student residence permissions.

The Irish Independent today states that Mr Rezaul Haque, who is the chief executive officer of Millennium College, indicated that his college was not guilty of any practices that would warrant suspension of the issuing of visas and residence permissions and he was "confident that everything will be sorted".

We would highlight to students who are attending the named colleges that the above notice applies only to those seeking to enroll as new students, and not those who are already enrolled in such courses. We trust that those students already enrolled and attending courses in the named colleges will be permitted to complete their course under the normal student conditions.

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