Sunday, March 23, 2014


We have recently advised on a complex query in relation to contract service provider work permits. 

Our client is a foreign company who was seeking to make an application on behalf of three non-EEA nationals due to come to Ireland to complete work under a contract service provider agreement. The problem arising for our client is that while they are the employers of the non-EEA nationals, they are not party to the contract to provide services to a large Irish entity. A different foreign company was the contracting party. Our client was instead a sub-contracted third party and this presents difficulties with respect of the application for such a work permit. 

Contract service provider work permits are issued in circumstances where a foreign undertaking has won a contract to provide services to an Irish entity on a contract for services basis. The permits are designed to facilitate the transfer of non-EU employees to work on the Irish contract in Ireland provided certain criteria are met. These criteria are distinct to the criteria for a straight forward work permit and include the following requirements: 
  • Employees must have worked for the foreign company for a minimum of six months prior to the application. 
  • The duration of the transfer must be at least 90 days. 
  • The employees should be in receipt of total remuneration of €40,000 or more, in circumstances where the employee is on a non-Irish payroll. 
  • For remuneration between €30,000 and €40,000, the employees must be on an Irish payroll. 
  • In the calculation of remuneration, the Basic Maintenance Allowance, per diems and housing and other benefits may be included. Each application must include a spreadsheet showing the calculation of remuneration details.
  • If the occupation is one listed under the Highly Skilled Occupations List, then there will be no need to undertake any labour market needs test. The labour market needs test applies in the case of all other occupations.
  • A Tripartite Agreement, between the foreign company, the employee and an Irish host entity is necessary where the employee remains on the foreign payroll.
  • The Irish host company must be the applicant for the purposes of the application. 
It is essential to note that the contract for services must be a one to one contract with an Irish entity. This type of work permit will not issue in instances where work is being subcontracted to a third party and that third party is the employer of the applicant employees. In such circumstances, it will be necessary to consider other options such as an intra-company work permit application or straight-forward work permit application. 

Rebecca Keatinge


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