Friday, February 21, 2014


Beginning 18 November 2013, citizens of Thailand were permitted to avail of the Irish Short-stay Visa Waiver Programme. Initiated to promote tourism from emerging markets in July 2011, the Programme has since achieved significant economic success in attracting increasing numbers of visitors to Ireland, a success that it hopes to continue with the addition of Thailand to the list of countries covered by the scheme. 

The Irish Short-stay Visa Waiver Programme allows visitors or business people from 17 countries who have lawfully entered the UK, on a valid UK visa, to travel to Ireland without the requirement of obtaining an Irish visa. The minister notes that while well over 500,000 Thais visited Europe in 2012, with about 140,000 going to the UK, less than 6,000 came to Ireland. By removing the Visa requirement, the Minister hopes to capitalize on this market in working to attract increasing numbers of Thai tourists and 
business people.

This endeavour is also further supported by continued efforts to work with UK counterparts on developing reciprocal visa arrangements for the Common Travel Area. The end goal of these arrangements is to establish a “system whereby only one visa is required to travel to and around the Common Travel Area.”


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