Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Amnesty International urges Europe to act to help refuges fleeing Syria

Amnesty International has called on EU leaders to take the necessary steps to help the hundreds of thousands of people fleeing Syria.

Over 350,000 refugees have registered or are awaiting registration in Syria’s neighboring countries- namely Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

 It has been predicted that over 700,000 refugees will have fled to Syria’s neighbors by the years end. Conversely, the EU has only received 16,500 Syrian asylum seekers. 

Amnesty have advised that the EU implement the following measures to alleviate this crisis:
•    Ensure access to protection and fair asylum procedures for all Syrian asylum-seekers arriving in the EU
•    Ensure no refugees are returned to Syria until the situation has stabilized and their safety can be assured
•    Agree a common EU approach towards determining refugee claims
•    Adopt a generous interpretation of international protection
•    Lift obstacles to safety, such as visa requirements and overly burdensome family reunification procedures

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