Monday, September 3, 2012

Academic refugees(UK): ‘My hope is to contribute to this country—if I’m given the opportunity.’

In the UK Guardian from August 31, a refugee from Algeria gives a first-person account of her journey to England. She details her early educational success in Algeria, and how she gained the equivalent of a Masters degree, but the political activism of her country resulted in her apartment being ransacked, and her family receiving death threats. She was forced to leave the country in 2003, following her husband, who she described as “a journalist and vocal opponent of the rise of fundamentalism,” and who had left in 2003.
She and her family were relocated to Swansea in Wales, in a disadvantaged area. They suffered through culture shock, racist attacks, and hostilities from their neighbours, but  she said they were forced to remain there with their small children until 2007. She reports that she and her husband have resumed their work and research as best as possible, and her success has inspired news stories, but she says that she thinks often “about the irony of having left Algeria and fled persecution only to have to suffer racism.” She says that “my hope is to contribute to this county – if I'm given the opportunity.”

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