Thursday, August 23, 2012

Special vulnerabilities of asylum seeking children brought to light in Special Rapporteur’s Report

The Irish Refugee Council, on 9th August 2012, discussed a Special Rapporteur’s Report, discussing the specific difficulties that face children seeking asylum. Specifically, the Report highlights the difficulties of raising children in Direct Provision, the state-sponsored accommodation provided for asylum-seekers. Problems include “over-crowding, institutionalised poverty,” and the inability of parents “to provide their children with a normal family life.”

Children also face a higher risk of abuse, since poor conditions are rampant, the accommodation is crowded, and parents have little control over who interacts with their children.

The Report calls for research into the specific vulnerabilities that children of asylum seekers face, and the IRC celebrates this decision. The IRC also calls for a reform of Direct Provision, with the needs of the children addressed.

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