Thursday, August 2, 2012

Immigration Backlog: New Warning from watchdog

The UK Border Agency is facing a growing crisis as the number of foreign nationals remaining in the State after their visas expires has risen to 150,000, reports an article from BBC news. The article reports that there is “no clear strategy” for how to prevent this from becoming a backlog, further increasing the chaos and inefficiency of the current system.

Many of these now-undocumented foreigners are students who have completed their degrees, and their permission to remain in the State as a student has expired. Some have tried to apply for permission to continue residing in the State, but without a significant tie to the UK, like a highly skilled job or a spouse, these applications are refused. Once their permission to remain has expired, they must exit the State or face a deportation order. Of these migrants who have been told to leave, the Border Agency has no way to tell how many have actually left. This creates a problem in the Border Agency’s eyes because that means that there is a growing population of undocumented migrants residing in the state. There is currently no scheme in place to hasten their removal.

The article reports that poor management leads to long queues at the airport as well as a backlog of work. This causes the immigration system to run even more inefficiently.

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