Thursday, April 19, 2012

Political Support for Undocumented Migrants in Ireland.

The annual Labour Party conference took place on the 15th of April 2012. At this conference the Labour party put forward a motion to support the regularisation of undocumented migrants in Ireland. The conference noted that there is an estimated 30,000 undocumented migrants residing in Ireland today and recognised the undue strain and hardship this caused to these individuals and their families who remain in constant fear of deportation. Many of these families live in poverty as they cannot benefit from basic social services such as health and education. The conference also recognised the isolation they experience within the state, as they are unable to return home to visit family members and friends in their home country, as they fear they risk being unable to return to the state afterwards.

The conference proposed putting in place an Earned Regularisation Scheme. This would involve undocumented peoples being given an opportunity to earn permanent residency over time by adhering to a specified criteria such as working and paying taxes. This would confer benefits both on state and on the undocumented persons by encouraging economic and social integration.            

The Migrants Rights Centre Ireland welcomed this motion by the Labour Party. "This is a very significant step in realising the human rights and dignity of undocumented men, women and children living in Ireland. The passing of this motion recognises that undocumented people are rooted within our communities and demonstrates a commitment to protecting the most vulnerable" said Edel McGinley of the MRCI.

Brophy Solicitors welcomes any initiative moving to recognise the rights of the undocumented worker in Ireland and we appreciate and praise the commitment of the MRCI towards the protection of undocumented workers in the State.

Brophy Solicitors

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