Thursday, October 20, 2011


In a bid to improve the current Irish Immigration process, new legislation has been proposed by the Integration Centre, which is supported by Atlantic Philanthropies Ireland Ltd, the One Foundation and the Citizens Information Board. The report was created with the aim of tackling racist crime and improving social inclusion of immigrants in Ireland.

The report lists 36 roadblocks to integration in Ireland on matters such as education, politics and healthcare, furthermore it suggests 78 solutions, all of which (bar introduction of intercultural studies into the school curriculum) should cost the state just under 10 million. In the report the Integration Centre also mentions how Irish immigrants are more likely to be unemployed, earn less and are more at risk of poverty.  

Amongst 10 top goals to be fulfilled by October 2012 is the banning of terms such as “naturalisation” and “bogus asylum seeker,” as well as improvements to current Junior and Leaving Cert subjects, which will assist with integration and implementing of intercultural studies. One of the fundamental aims of the report is to promote integration at a young age and so it seems that many changes may be made to our current education system in a bid to tackle the issue early- on.

All in all, if the legislation is implemented this will be a huge development in this sector of our society and a welcome improvement by immigrants who successfully obtain citizenship in Ireland. 


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