Tuesday, September 6, 2011


African students Association of Ireland (ASAI) and the Sports against Racism in Ireland (SARI) are hosting a Pub Quiz to raise money for Somalia and Horn of Africa Famine. Its a great cause and we hope that many of you can make it.

See below:

African students Association of Ireland(ASAI) and the Sports against Racism in Ireland (SARI) would like to welcome you to participate in the PUB QUIZ to raise donations for Somalia and Horn of Africa Famine. The PUB QUIZ will take place next week on wednesday, 7th of September, 2011 at the Mssrs. Maguire Pub, in Burgh Quay, Dublin 2. It is a pub next to Q-bar. It will start at 7:30pm The entry for each person is 5 euro, and participants can form a team of minimum 4 and maximum 10 people. The first three winning teams will receive miscellenious prizes ranging from items from Africa, from here, to dinners in African, and Indian and other restaurants. You can book as team or simply as an individual. Questions will be general ones on variety of interesting subjects. There will be also a round or two of questions about Africa.

You all cordially welcome to participate in event. All the proceeds of the evening will be delivered to organizations working in field helping people in Somalia and in the Horn of Africa region.

To participate just come on the day at Mssrs. Maguire Pub, and if you wish send us email or call to let us know you will be coming before hand, call David Kortukohun at 0857625969, or David Nyaluke at 087 66 485 76. Or email at asaiconference@gmail.com

Best regards,

David Khortukohun

African Students Association(ASAI)
Coordination office,
Multicultural Resource Centre,
44 Lower Gardiner Street,
Dublin 1.
Blog: http://asa-ireland.blogspot.com

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