Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Equality Authority Report on 2010

The Equality Authority of Ireland launched its 2010 Annual Report yesterday (9th August) in Dublin.

Speaking at the launch, Ms Angela Kerins, the Chairperson of the Equality Authority, highlighted the importance of continuing to promote equality, by maximising the resources available as a key element of Ireland's economic recovery, "Foreign direct investment will play an important role in Ireland's growth and the country must be able to offer a place where overseas companies who are willing to invest in Ireland are comfortable placing their staff. Multinationals need to perceive Irish society as pro-equality and pro-diversity".

At Brophy Solicitors we welcome Ms. Kerins's comments on the need to promote a friendly, welcoming environment for foreign investment in these difficult times.

We also agree with Ms. Kerins that there is a need for further development in equality legislation in Ireland in recognising the rights of the child and the diversity of families. Ms. Kerins stated that ‘equal marriage remains a goal for the Equality Authority.’ In all cases, the best interests of the child should remain central. Perhaps the planned referendum on the rights of the child will afford the government the opportunity to ensure equality for every child and family in the State.

Sarah McCoy
Brophy Solicitors

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