Friday, January 21, 2011


Back in September, we noticed a rise in the queries in on citizenship. Many of our clients expressed worries about the delays they experienced in their applications being decided. We had this to say in our weekly update in September. Our new year update will follow soon! 


Delays can be up to three years in some cases that we are currently working on, however we are sure that many of you know people who have had to endure a greater period of time while waiting for their decision. This is an extremely frustrating ordeal for many of our clients and unfortunately given the court’s attitude towards challenging delays on citizenship applications, the only realistic way forward is to communicate with the Citizenship Section and put pressure on them to get a decision as soon as possible.   Last term, the court refused to grant leave in several cases where there appeared to be unreasonable delays in granting a decision on citizenship/naturalisation applications. 

We are looking into this area in more detail as we have been in contact with the Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) in the hope of providing case studies concerning many citizenship issues including reasons for refusal.   We are contacting our clients who have made such applications to arrange case study material for the ICI who wish to look at delays, reasons for applying to be an Irish citizen and statistics.  We hope that this will give us a greater insight and a broader picture of the area as a whole and we look forward to seeing the results!

If you have any comments on this issue of citizenship please let as know – we are always interested in hearing your concerns and providing any useful updates in our future postings. 

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